In loving memory of

Luke Wheeler-Mezei

We have chosen to support two charities; one in the UK and one in Hungary. To make a donation in memory of Luke, please follow the links below. Thank you very much.

Ket jotekonysagi szervezetet valasztottunk amelyeket tamogatnank; egyik az Egyesult Kiralysagban a masik pedig Magyarorszagon.

Adomanyozhat Luke emlekere az alabbi (valaszthato) linkekre kattintva. Koszonjuk.

28.4.13 - 6.6.17

Brain Tumour Research, UK


Luke suffered from a rare type of brain tumour.

Tumour Research is aiming to build a network of experts in this type of cancer.

Luke egy ritka tipusu agydaganatban szenvedett.

A Tumour Research celja, hogy szakertoi halozatot hozzon letre az ilyen tipusu rakban.

Tabitha Haz Gyermekhospice

Children's Hospice, Hungary


This is Hungary's biggest hospice for seriously ill children which has helped over 160 families since its establishment in 2011, but it urgently needs more funds to enable it to continue providing this vital service.

Ez Magyarorszag egyik legnagyobb hospiceje a sulyosan beteg gyerekek szamara, amely tobb mint 160 csaladot segitett 2011 ota, de tovabbi surgos penz adomanyra van szukseg ahhoz, hogy tovabbra is ezt a letfontossagu szolgaltatast nyujtsak.

More about Luke

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Luke was born healthily in April 2013, but by five months he was displaying unexplained symptoms. He was then diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma, and underwent several operations to remove the tumour, as well as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Despite all he went through, his bright spirit and love shone through.

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A short film - a normal day


We enrolled the help of James' old friend Chris D'Agorne to shoot a lovely video of a normal day at home and out and about, in March 2017.